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  "I hold an Early Learning and Child Care Certificate, which I earned at Bow Valley College, showcasing my commitment to providing the best care and education for children.

Here's a fun tidbit about me: I can proudly claim to know every Jonas Brothers song – a testament to my passion for music and fun!

My journey as a Fit Kids Coach began in the fall of 2019, a role that has allowed me to fulfill my lifelong aspiration of working with children.

When it comes to Disney, Tinker Bell is my absolute favorite character, representing a touch of magic and wonder in our lives.

To stay active and energized, I cherish swimming and embarking on bike rides during the sunny summer months. Additionally, my beloved dog Mia is the perfect companion for long, leisurely walks.

If you ask me about my favorite food, it's got to be potatoes. I mean, who can resist the delectable versatility of this starchy delight?"

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