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About FitKids

We believe that children learn best through play.

Our program is based on emergent curriculum, a way of planning curriculum that is based on children's individual interests and passions. Children thrive when their interests are captured.

At FitKids, we use the following four sources of knowledge as the foundation of our emergent curriculum:


  1. Knowledge about child development.

  2. Knowledge about each child as an individual.

  3. Knowledge about each child’s cultural/social background.

  4. Knowledge about health and fitness.

While health and fitness is our emphasis, we ensure each child’s physical, social, intellectual, creative, and emotional needs are met. 

  • Our staff motivate children to engage in a variety of planned activities.

  • We provide nutritional meals and snacks.

  • We support children’s individual ideas and efforts.

  • We provide opportunities for one-on-one quality time with our staff and and we also encourage small group activities.

  • We practice respectful, positive behavior towards other people and their belongings. 

  • Each day, we go outside - rain or shine! 

  • Each week, we go for walks or planned field trips to discover new and emerging interests.

  • We encourage children to participate in problem-solving activities and help them develop important social skills, such as taking turns and sharing. 

  • While we provide some teacher-directed activities, we focus primarily on child-led activities.

  • We provide art materials and craft supplies that are openly accessible to the children to use. 

  • We provide children with opportunities to make choices and other decisions, and to be active participants in daily activities.​


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