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Before/After School Director

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       Shiyu's journey began in 2015 when she relocated from China to Canada. With a language diploma and a business degree from China, she laid a strong foundation for her career. In 2017, she furthered her education by completing the ECE level 3 in Canada. Teaching and tutoring Mandarin is one of her passions, a commitment she fulfills both in-person and online during weekends. Her teaching roots run deep, with an impressive seven years of experience in a private school in China.


   In Calgary, she spent over six years as a BAS program director, showcasing her leadership and educational expertise. Shiyu's dedication to teaching and nurturing children's growth fuels her desire to support them during their vital formative years, ensuring they have a solid foundation for the future. Beyond her professional life, Shiyu is an avid explorer who thrives on trying new things. Nature calls to her, and she relishes outdoor activities like skiing, hiking, and swimming. Her zest for life is evident in her favorite pastimes.


    Shiyu is thrilled to be part of the Fit Kids team, eagerly anticipating the opportunity to work alongside an outstanding group. She looks forward to building strong relationships with children and their families and, most importantly, to creating a vibrant and enjoyable learning environment for all.

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