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My name is Keenan Ince. I have been active since I was 4 years old. I grew up in the tropical country of Indonesia, so I loved being outside. I liked to bike on the streets, play badminton with my mother, hike with my father, and play soccer or basketball with my friends. I knew sports was my favourite thing to do and I enjoyed every minute of it.

Fast forward to 2018. I now hold a Bachelor's degree in Kinesiology with a specialization in leadership in pedagogy and coaching, and I am a head coach at the Calgary West Soccer Club. Since I moved to Calgary in 2008, I have worked at a variety of summer camps all over Calgary such as Pedalheads, Royal City Soccer and Repsol Sport Centre. 
Therefore, I have loads of experience in teaching and coaching and I love doing it.


I have a passion to teach fundamental movement skills from running and jumping to sport-specific skills. I love working with children and I want to share my passion for physical activity and sport with them. My greatest memories are from sport and I hope that the kids I coach can experience the same. In my spare time, I like going for walks, playing soccer, going to the gym, and going to the movies.


I am a big advocate for physical literacy and physical activity because it brings so many benefits to people's lives and well-being. My goal through sport and particularly soccer is to teach children to have fun, to realize what they are capable of, and how to be part of a team.

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